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North East Young Drivers – Staying Alive

I go to a regular business networking breakfast, and one of the other guys there specialises in driver safety training. Lee’s a good bloke, and very hot on the kind of thing that I also see as important – not

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Reclaiming The Streets

This caught my eye in yesterday’s Guardian: Alice Furguson and Amy Rose organised getting their Bristol street closed for a street party but without the party bit – they just wanted their kids to be able to play outside without

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Safety Product Of The Decade

This comes via one of our GCHQ-sponsored covertly observed-chaps on the twitters: “This is a great enhancement to safety, as you don’t have to text with something that’s down in your console” “You’re absolutely not distracted in any way from

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A Car Pulls Up At A Set Of Traffic Lights . . .

. . . and the driver of this grey Vauxhall Astra cabriolet, registration S2 SCU is busy texting away as the car comes to a stop, . . . oblivious to the green light ahead, she sits there working on

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Around Lorries…

While I was looking up information on texting- or phone-driving accidents yesterday, I found this video on the RoSPA site : Now normally, I’m not such a fan of RoSPA’s "we know best" attitude that seems to come across in

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Texting And Driving

Here’s a confession in two parts: My father used to drink and drive. Every Friday night, he’d go out and get thoroughly tanked up, then drive home. He’d usually make it half way, before abandoning the car, and Saturday mornings

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Rememberance Sunday & The War On The Motorist

Why do we remember still the horrors of the First World War? Is it because this was the first photographed war ? The poetry it inspired? The lost generation? The shear enormously overwhelming scale of the senseless slaughter? In the

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