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Bike Security in Bristol

The Bristol Traffic blog has great tips for bike security today: If you’re a bike shop, loosen the stems of all the bikes you have anywhere near the door – it makes them un-ridable, and less likely to have some

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Weekend Round-up

So I’ve got my blog back from Von SmallHaussen, who’s been put back on the train to that London. I had a great weekend – not as much cycling as I could have done (more on that later), but enough

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Stick a Pin in My Map!

Thanks to the elves and gnomes who toil away in the Sweat365 basement every night under Zappoman’s watchful & never-sleeping eye, I can now post a Frappr map here. I’ve added it to my blog’s main menu, but there’s also

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“About” Page Updated

I’ve been posting for a few days as “Darth Triathlete”. And now I’m claiming to be “Hobbes”. What on earth’s going on? All is explained on my updated “About” page.

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I’ve Been Tagged!

Very flattered to have been tagged by MelBean . . . . Jobs I’ve held 1. Delivery driver / driver’s mate at Comet 2. (Details withheld for reasons of decency) 3. Facilities manager 4. Various engineering jobs Movies I Can

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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The Day Before Race Day . . .

I had nightmares last night about not leaving Tall Friend’s house on time tomorrow . . . running to get my transition area setup, a broken spoke making a comedy wobbly wheel . . . the predicted weather forecast (RAIN

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