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Civilised, Long-distance Commute

Thursday is a bike day. We won’t let the weather, the clients we have to see, or the errands we have to run put us off doing it all on two-wheels. And this week, I had all three – cold

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Wife’s Got A New Bike!

After falling off Lilac last year & breaking her arm , it’s taken quite a while for Wife to want to ride a bike again. First of all there was the weeks & weeks spent in a cast, then the

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I Used To Like Kitkats

Actually, I had quite a thing about them – especially the heroin peanut butter ones. The Von Smallhaussen pointed out that they were made by NeslĂ© – a company that some would say has a problem with ethics. So I

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Road Signs For Riders

There’s been some chatter recently about road signs. Apparently there are a whole new set of ’em being rolled out across the US, as shown here on : In the UK, we’re seeing more of these ones, which allow

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What’s A Bike Cost*

I was reading this post over on World Wide Cycles’ blog about the very reasonable prices you can pay for a second hand bike that’s been ridden by Lance Arstrong. At the moment, I’m thinking about building up a tri-bike

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Big Business Caters For Women Cyclists In London

There’s something going on, y’know. It seems that this thing where women cyclists in That London are at more risk than men are just refuses to go away. According to this report by the BBC , women account for only

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New Cycling Jersey

So if I’m going to be riding wearing non-regular clothes, I thought I’d better take a look at my wardrobe. Remember just over a week ago, when I was wondering about muggle-repelling cycling jerseys ? Well I eventually decided on

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