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Friday Caption Contest: Made From Lego

Well done to our last competition‘s winner, Mikey2Gorgeous, who despite his / her clearly delusional name, was the only entrant. My guess is that no-one wanted to risk winning the second prize. That doesn’t matter though, because the caption, Danny‚Äôs

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Nerdy January Stats

It’s been a couple of years since I bothered to track my mileage. But a brief Twitter conversation with Neil from the Stockton Cycle Hub got me wondering how far I ride my bike. In previous years when I’ve bothered

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Friday Caption Contest: Breakdown Of Law & Order Edition

I’ve been busy all week (so not much in the way of posts for the last seven days), but I did manage to get our panel of judges together for long enough to decide the winner of last week’s competition.

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Mixed Messages For Cyclists

From my bimble around Co Durham, Gateshead and Newcastle last Friday: I saw a cycle lane in Chester le Street… that you’re not allowed to use once it re-joins the road: I saw the latest in Gateshead Council’s continued efforts

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The Alternate Reality Feared By The Auto Industry

There’s no doubt about it, the car industry is very successful at marketing. It sells us a dream of driving along the open road… The Dream: The Reality: The Alternate Reality (do watch this one ’till the end!): They tell

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This Cyclist Is Freaking Me Out

There’s something beautiful about a tandem. The way the captain & stoker’s legs are in sync… Heck – even politicians [allegedly] have to agree & work together to keep things moving forward… There have been some improvements in tandem technology

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When You’re Running Late…

You know that McCracken’s First Law applies: The strength of the headwind is directly proportional to how late you are. If you try to cheat, by grabbing a quicker, sleeker, lighter bike (reasoning that you’ll easily make up the time

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