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Cyclists: You Must Obey The Law!

This via Carlton Reid:

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Segregation: I’m With The PFJ

In the last week or so there’s been quite a discussion going about what people should campaign for if we’re to get more people in the UK to ride bikes rather than drive cars. The discussion can be summarised as,

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Know Your Enemy 2: The Door Zone

Do you trust the occupants of a parked car to look before they fling a door open? And How wide does a car door open? But it’s not all one sided – sometimes I see riders doing things that are

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It’s The Stupid Infrastructure

One of the chapters from Beauty And The Bike that really got me was the section titled, "It’s The Infrastructure, Stupid" , in a parody (or according to Wikipedia, a snowclone – there’s a new phrase) of Bill Clinton’s campaign

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The Dangers of Bonkers Bike Lanes

I have a love/hate relationship with bike lanes and cycle tracks. Too often, they’re like the little girl from the nursery rhyme. She rode down the street on a bike that she’d borrowed, When bike lanes were good, they were

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