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Inspiring Goals?

On the day that somewhere between £38M & £160M has been announced for cycling in the UK, this might seem a little churlish. But it’s important, as it’s about the vision needed if that money (and hopefully much more later)

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London Mayoral Candidates Talk Cycling Safety

This via LBC: In a previous City Hall Question Time, Boris revealed that overall, things are safer for cyclists – the KSI rate (the proportion of cyclists killed or seriously injured per journey, or per number of kilometres cycled) IS reducing. Let’s

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Exclusive: Bankers & TfL Join Forces On The Street

**5th December 2011 – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE** CITY BOSSES are keen to show that they’re in it with the rest of us. Senior bankers have joined forces with the leaders of Transport for London to show that they’re really in

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Boris’ Campaign Bike

So Cole Coachworks Ltd have done the official campaign bike for Boris’ re-election campaign: Yep – just goes to show that cycling really is a social leveller. Unless this is an enormous spoof, Boris will be riding a brakeless fixie

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Is Boris Johnson Chicken?

So yesterday in London another cyclist was killed. That makes fifteen so far this year, and it happened on the same roundabout, on the same Cycling Superhighway as the fourteenth – just three weeks ago. photo by Diamond Geezer The

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Friday Caption Contest – Seeking Corporate Sponsorship

You probably noticed that there was no caption contest last week – I was too busy watching TV, and waving a Union Jack to bother with such trivialities. Either that, or just taking advantage of the day off work to

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