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Cycle Path With Knobs On

Remember my favourite cycle path on the route into Newcastle? How could one possibly improve on this? It needs more chutzpah, more¬†pizzazz. In an ideal world, we’d get out our blue paint, and make it look like a Proper Piece

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Friday Caption Contest: Cycle Route Signage

This week’s competition features a photo I took last week. It’s a section of National Cycle Network Route 1, between Ashington and Blyth , that now features an attractive and cycle friendly sculpture, which leaves a massive 25% of the

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Cycling in That London – Finding The Right Route

On the road I’m a pretty confident rider. Assertive, ready to hold my own, claim my space, use the gimlet stare of power to overcome the innate sense of dominance, invulnerability and superiority that some drivers seem to feel. You

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It’s The Stupid Infrastructure

One of the chapters from Beauty And The Bike that really got me was the section titled, "It’s The Infrastructure, Stupid" , in a parody (or according to Wikipedia, a snowclone – there’s a new phrase) of Bill Clinton’s campaign

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