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Inspiring Goals?

On the day that somewhere between £38M & £160M has been announced for cycling in the UK, this might seem a little churlish. But it’s important, as it’s about the vision needed if that money (and hopefully much more later)

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My Separation & Return To The Bike

In the early 90s, I graduated, got my hair cut and got a job. I also ended up living 30 miles from where I worked, and petrol was cheap – it cost me just £1.20 a day to get to

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Connect London

Declaration of interest: this post is about a Sustrans project. Sustrans are monthly contributors to the keeping-a-roof-over-my-head fund, and I have definitely drunk their Kool Aid (“Tune in, turn on, drop out & build your own transport network”). But that

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Jeremy Clarkson And I Agree On Something At Last

Jeremy Clarkson isn’t a fan of caravans. Personally, I don’t really mind them, although sometimes their drivers don’t appreciate how wide they are, and tend to pass a bit too close. But on this, I’m sure we can agree: Recumbent

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C2C – Coast to Coast In A Day

The plan was simplicity in itself: Tall Robbie and I would get the train across to Whitehaven on Friday evening, B&B overnight, and then cycle back on Saturday. Somewhere between 130 and 140 miles, with around 10,000ft of climbing in

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Riding A Bike Is Just Like Flying

A couple of quotes about flying – just substitute the words “fly” for “ride”, or “aircraft” for “bike” etc.: “Flying in itself is not inherently dangerous. But to an even greater degree than the sea, it is terribly unforgiving of

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Newspaper Cycling Safety Campaigns

First there was this on the front page of The Independent last April: Then today, this in The Times (do visit their page and sign up): So now we eagerly wait to see if the other opinion-forming newspapers will fall

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