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Raleigh Shopper Bike + Free Radical Conversion = Trouble

This via the real reason you should definitely not be allowed to bolt a Free Radical Conversion onto your mum’s 1970s Raleigh Shopper: Here’s how they made the beast, which involves quite a large pulse jet (the same technology

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It’s Health & Safety Gone Mad

Some people say that riding a brakeless, 4m tall bike, in a crowd, along busy streets, amongst other motorised traffic isn’t the sort of thing we should be encouraging. What’s worse, there’s no helmet and no hi-viz. This is an

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Laughing At Others’ Misfortune

I know I shouldn’t really. But it’s the captions that do it for me here: “Be careful, that’s a hell… “Oh “Oh “Sshhhh “Oh “Shhhit “Oh my… “Oh hell “Oh shit “Oh “You alright? “Did you film it?” “Yeah.”

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