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Ironman France: Run 26.2 Miles!

I couldn’t believe it – I’d got to the end of the bike, 20 minutes ahead of schedule! The Family were waiting to see me coming into the paddock and then into the transition tent to ditch the bike shoes

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Ironman France: Swim 2.4 Miles!

Race Day. Breakfast was at 02:30 – four hours before the off to allow time for my guts to settle. Then after reading the good-luck cards left out for me, it was back to bed for an hour or so’s

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Ironman France: Bike 112 Miles!

After the swim, the relief of getting out of the water and onto the bike. I’d anticipated that I’d have swallowed a bit of sea water and that I’d also be somewhat dehydrated, so in my transition bag there was

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Having A Look At The Water & Checking In

Gulp! The day before the Ironman, and I woke up early. An ideal opportunity to cycle into Nice and have a look at the start of the swim course at its start time. The sea looked flat (which was good)

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Descent Training

After picking up my race pack from the Ironman registration on Thursday, we headed up into the hills above Nice for a look at the final descents of the race’s bike route. After putting the bike back together, I waved

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Cold Turkey Run

Arrived in Nice on Tuesday . . . couldn’t sleep on Wednesday morning, so I went for a run along the prom, before getting home (back to the fab apartment Wife had sorted) to unpack the bike. Later in the

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Packing The Bike In Its Box

So more than a week before the race, and I’ve packed my bike in its box , ready for the flight to Nice: Funny thing is, the bloke in that video makes it look really easy. Oh, hang on a

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