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Whitley Bay’s Traffic-Free Network

Whitley Bay has a large network of traffic-free streets. Like those elsewhere, they’re more desirable places to live, where people don’t have to worry about traffic noise, and children can play free of the fear of failing their Green Cross

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This Sickening Story Has Me Baying For Blood

I got home a little early this evening, so took Huge Dalmatian for a longer walk than usual. As we were heading down the slope to Long Sands, I noticed a guy limping along behind us, and recognised him as

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Drugs, Spiders & Cycle Infrastructure

Every dozen or so years, studies on the effects of various drugs on spiders’ web-weaving abilities re-surface. There’s probably some serious science behind this, but I can’t help feeling that it’s a bunch of scientists doing the grant-funded equivalent of

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B&Q: Partial Success

Thankfully after nearly ten years we got our “bargain” house up to scratch (during which time, it turned out not to be quite the bargain we’d anticipated), so I don’t have to make almost daily trips to DIY stores and

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When Friends Come To Stay…

I can go and collect friends and their luggage from the station: On the way home, we can use the excellent cornering capabilities of our Bromptons to experience the delights of British cycling infrastructure: I can show my guests the

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Whitley Bay’s 20mph Zones

Without joined-up thinking we’re never going to get anywhere fast. My personal immediate bugbear on this principal is the hit-and-miss approach to speed limits in Whitley Bay. The council set up some 20mph zones (a Good Thing), but . .

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Invisible Road Danger

This is National Cycle Network Route 1, approaching Whitley Bay. It’s an on-road section of the route – what do you notice? See the way the pavement is built out into the road? That’s because just after that, there’s a

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