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Cycling: Glass Half Empty or Half Full?

It’s a week since David Cameron announced the winners of the Cycle City Ambition Fund. It got quite a lot of coverage – most of the winners were suitably enthusiastic. But there were also questions as to the nature of

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Time-Travelling Spitfire Pilot at Recyke Y’Bike

Daughter and I were heading up to do a spot of light bin-diving at Recyke Y’Bike the other weekend. On the way, we stopped at Clough’s sweet shop on Heaton Road, where we were passed by a rather dapper chap

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Inspiring Goals?

On the day that somewhere between £38M & £160M has been announced for cycling in the UK, this might seem a little churlish. But it’s important, as it’s about the vision needed if that money (and hopefully much more later)

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So what’s this summer’s sport? Tennis? (Wimbledon: Scottish lad done good) Cycling? (Tour de France: Kenyan / South African lad done good) Cricket? (Ashes: Australian lads done good enough not to win) No. It’s bashing. If you don’t know

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Bicycle Shopping Bag

Mrs McCracken is amazingly talented – she draws fabulous Celtic knots with modern themes. After a bit of persuasion, she did me a bicycle knot: We’re printing them onto shopping bags (other products to follow), and this being a family-oriented

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Fixie Town Bike

I’ve been re-appraising my stable this summer. We’re all familiar with the concept of needing one more bike than you currently have… but sometimes you reach the limit of what that means in practice. Maybe you already knew this, but

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Dunwich Dynamo XXI

It was that time of year again. The time for heading down to That London to meet a couple of thousand of my closest mates to ride 120 miles through the night across Essex & Suffolk and end up on

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