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So what’s this summer’s sport? Tennis? (Wimbledon: Scottish lad done good) Cycling? (Tour de France: Kenyan / South African lad done good) Cricket? (Ashes: Australian lads done good enough not to win) No. It’s bashing. If you don’t know

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Venn Diagram: The War On The Roads

Like many, I watched that programme on the tellybox last week – “The war on Britain’s roads“. Like many, I was left feeling rather depressed by the whole thing – its sensationalist chasing of the biggest shouting, and whole futility

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Which 2% Is Worse?

The Times provides a more realistic analysis of the Institute of Advanced Motorists so-called research on this: Or this: This matters, because using the phone while driving has much the same effect as drink driving: It is concluded that driving

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Texting And Driving?

To the driver I’ve just watched “driving” down the road, gently swerving from one side to the other: The trouble is, you were probably never taught to multi-task in this way. If only it had been part of your driving

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Statistically, Cycling Is Incredibly Safe

No, really, it is. Apparently, you’re more likely to be injured in an hour of gardening than in an hour of cycling. Yet there’s that campaign from The Times, that ends up getting a mention in PMQs: There’s an excellent¬†commentary¬†on

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Advanced Stop Lines: An Accident Waiting To Happen

Yesterday there was a whole lot of twitterings about this Ross Lydall article. It’s all about how a lorry driver got off scott free after running over a cyclist. James Moor suffered horrific injuries after Nigel Gummer turned his lorry

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“Superhighways are Practically Meaningless”

I’ve just spent a depressing half hour listening to the Guardian’s Focus Podcast – Are Britain’s Roads Safe For Cyclists? The answer is of course, “Yes, but…” Statistically, cycling really is pretty safe. Yet time and time again, those locations

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