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The Power Of A Simple Message

It’s as simple as this: we all know that cycling is good for the economy and the local economy in particular, great for people’s health, does wonders for community spaces, is quicker than driving / the bus / the Metro

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Which 2% Is Worse?

The Times provides a more realistic analysis of the Institute of Advanced Motorists so-called research on this: Or this: This matters, because using the phone while driving has much the same effect as drink driving: It is concluded that driving

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Statistically, Cycling Is Incredibly Safe

No, really, it is. Apparently, you’re more likely to be injured in an hour of gardening than in an hour of cycling. Yet there’s that campaign from The Times, that ends up getting a mention in PMQs: There’s an excellent¬†commentary¬†on

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Newspaper Cycling Safety Campaigns

First there was this on the front page of The Independent last April: Then today, this in The Times (do visit their page and sign up): So now we eagerly wait to see if the other opinion-forming newspapers will fall

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