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Autumn Leaves

Today was a day of mist. Mist with pretensions of fog. The kind of weather that gets you distinctly damp over a few miles riding, and leaves the roads wet. Not foggy enough to slow the traffic down, so the

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It’s All The OTHER People On The Road

I learned a new phrase last Friday from Radio 4’s Today Programme: Cognitive polyphasia. It means the ability to think about the same issue in contradictory terms. Allow me to illustrate . . . The schools go back next week,

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If Only Cycle Routes Were End-To-End . . .

. . . it’d be really easy to plan any journey. Just hop on your bike and ride to your destination. Simples! The problem is that you start riding, find yourself in a nice wide bike lane with friendly blue

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Cycling in That London – Finding The Right Route

On the road I’m a pretty confident rider. Assertive, ready to hold my own, claim my space, use the gimlet stare of power to overcome the innate sense of dominance, invulnerability and superiority that some drivers seem to feel. You

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It’s The Stupid Infrastructure

One of the chapters from Beauty And The Bike that really got me was the section titled, "It’s The Infrastructure, Stupid" , in a parody (or according to Wikipedia, a snowclone – there’s a new phrase) of Bill Clinton’s campaign

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London Traffic – Early 1950s?

Over the last week or so there’s been a few videos of historical traffic situations posted – from Portland, Copenhagen and Amsterdam . So I thought it would be interesting to see what the UK looked like in a similar

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Change Your World

Somehow this completely passed me by last year – Change Your World a Sustrans campaign about getting people to use their cars 10% less. Of course, car use actually dropped by 12% last year, though everyone seems to be saying

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