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How to Dress Like Your Hero, Yehuda Moon

You probably know that I’m a big fan of Rick Smith’s daily comic strip, Yehuda Moon. It’s the story of daily life in a bike shop, owned by ex-commercial property developer and idealist Yehuda Moon, and staffed by racer-turned-wrench Joe

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When You’re Running Late…

You know that McCracken’s First Law applies: The strength of the headwind is directly proportional to how late you are. If you try to cheat, by grabbing a quicker, sleeker, lighter bike (reasoning that you’ll easily make up the time

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Riding No-Handed

Riding home with Daughter last week, I was making like a swan in flight with both my arms out wide. As we turned into our back lane, I looked over my shoulder to see Daughter also managing to ride no-handed.

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What Is The Critical Mass Of People On Bikes?

Criticality Accident – Don’t try this at home, kids! Sometimes we achieve critical mass by accident – like in the Newcastle Cycle Campaign’s City Chiefs Cycle Challenge, in which a bunch of politicians, civil servants and cycle campaigners took to

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This Is Why I Ride A Bike

Today’s Yehuda Moon strip – never a truer word: I remember the day well – a spring afternoon in 2005. I was in training for my first triathlon, but on this particular day, sitting in a mile long queue of

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Will Higher Fuel Prices Result In A Bicycle Tipping Point?

The sort of tipping point where the masses See The Light. Suddenly people are abandoning their cars, joining the revolution, and┬ápedalling┬áto a new, brighter future. Not so much of a New Jerusalem in England’s green and pleasant land as a

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Pride Comes Before . . .

Turns out it was quite cold last night. I’ve been caught out by this before – as we live right next to the sea, we experience a maritime microclimate. What that means is that it’s a couple of degrees warmer

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