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Sunrise Cycleway: Calming the Coast

It’s been a right 2020 of a year. I mean, clearly the big news is The Plague, which looks to have killed somewhere over 65,000 people in the UK: At the start of the lockdown the supermarkets got stripped bare,

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Am I The Problem?

There’s a school of thought that if, as a driver, you constantly find cyclists are angry at you, then you’re probably¬†a terrible driver. Over the last six months though, I’ve been starting to wonder if this doesn’t cut both ways.

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New Project

A couple of years ago I built a bamboo bike. This was based on a kit from the Bamboo Bicycle Club – you can either go on a weekend course with them in London, or for quite a bit less

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Light Segregation

You know how it is. The local council is trying to encourage cycling, and they’ve spent literally hundreds of pounds on some paint to make cycle lanes on roads with high levels of traffic that’s doing 40 mph. They’ve even

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I’m Back!

Where have I been? Well, since May of 2012, I’ve been working for Sustrans. Initially this was just three days a week, but from September 2013, this turned into a full-time gig. Basically I was being paid to do the

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Dr Ian and the Walkers – Part Three

The story so far: Dr Ian seems to have done a deal with the Dark Side, for which he’ll be handsomely rewarded, but will need to use expendable research assistants…

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Dr Ian and the Walkers – Part Two

The story so far: Dr Ian has got some cash together to do research into drivers’ behaviour when overtaking cyclists. The key question is, does wearing a cycle helmet affect things? We join him on his ride home from another

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Dr Ian And The Walkers – Part One

I’ve been kinda busy over the last week. But I did manage to squeeze in some time to Photoshop some road safety research so as to make it interesting to science fiction nerds: A long time ago, in a university

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Nutella: Cycle Helmet Promotion

I’m really not sure how I feel about this. On the one hand, a brand that seems to have tapped into kids minds is promoting health and exercise and stuff. Getting kids to ride bikes with or without a helmet

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Cycling: Glass Half Empty or Half Full?

It’s a week since David Cameron announced the winners of the Cycle City Ambition Fund. It got quite a lot of coverage – most of the winners were suitably enthusiastic. But there were also questions as to the nature of

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