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I Demand A Refund

Great run this evening on a new route – into Newcastle and back: And I got to stop briefly at Carlton Reid’s cocktail bar half way round too. Unfortunately they were right out of Bambino Splash (pint glass – half

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What’s With This Weather?

It’s MAY, but for my run yesterday evening, I had to wear a long-sleeved top to keep warm, and think that I really should have been wearing some leggings too. The wind was from the South, but it was FREEZING.

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Ride To A Picnic – Just a Perfect Day

So my Decadent In-laws are here to stay and it’s the school holidays. Normally I’d do my long ride on a Sunday, but we’d hatched a plan for a picnic on Holy Island – the family would drive, and I’d

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Murphys’ Law Of Rain Clouds

So here’s the thing: You check the weather forecast before setting off for the ride to the station. It says there’ll be a light tailwind, scattered clouds, but basically sunny. You look outside, and there is lots of blue sky.

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Base 2 Brick Part 1

This is my last active week in my Base 2 training period – next week (oh joy!) is recovery week, where I shall be lounging around, drinking piƱa coladas and notching up a mere 6.5 hours of training. To celebrate,

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TWO Rides in Sunlight!

Spring is just around the corner – I managed to ride both to and from work in daylight. In fact, I probably didn’t need my lights on for either journey. But then again, I was riding through Blyth – a

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Just 21 Days Till Spring!

Yep. And then we can put all this silliness behind us. On the plus side, despite its best efforts to rain or snow on me, all I got while I was out were a few stray snowflakes. Is this actually

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