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Things You Don’t See When You Drive

People on bikes Speed limit signs Otters Otters?¬†Yep. That’s what I saw on the way into work today. Riding along the footpath next to the Spine Road over the river Blyth, I looked down into the water and thought there

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To Morpeth

Another day, and another ride to work. This time was heading across the top end of Cramlington and over to Morpeth – roads that I don’t generally ride on during the week. Having experienced first hand how people drive along

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Back After Two Weeks Of Snow & Ice

Monday morning – early o’clock, and I was back on the road on two wheels. After the snow & ice we’d had for the previous two weeks, I was starting to go stir crazy. It’s strange how quickly you loose

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Here, You Must Either Be Nuts, Or Think It’s Fun

So there’s a whole lot of to and fro about this: Richard at pointed out that the obvious answer that was missing was "because it’s fun", which seemed to get the Good People Of Copenhagen all vexed – to

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Electric Cars: Why Bother?

Oh, the lies these people tell. Mind you, you can’t really blame them, can you? Put yourself in their position: You run a multi-billion dollar / euro / pound / yen business, employing thousands. For the last fifty years, governments

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A Whole Bunch of Errands

Thursday is bike day for work, and again I had a whole lot of time with clients scheduled – at their premises rather than mine, so that meant sensible, civilised cycling. I’m sure I could have planned this better, but

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Civilised, Long-distance Commute

Thursday is a bike day. We won’t let the weather, the clients we have to see, or the errands we have to run put us off doing it all on two-wheels. And this week, I had all three – cold

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