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Here, You Must Either Be Nuts, Or Think It’s Fun

So there’s a whole lot of to and fro about this: Richard at pointed out that the obvious answer that was missing was "because it’s fun", which seemed to get the Good People Of Copenhagen all vexed – to

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Electric Cars: Why Bother?

Oh, the lies these people tell. Mind you, you can’t really blame them, can you? Put yourself in their position: You run a multi-billion dollar / euro / pound / yen business, employing thousands. For the last fifty years, governments

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She Rides – In A Model Village?

This video caught my eye on Urban Velo today : There’s something strangely fascinating about the camera work on this – the way the focus areas seem so small, and the backgrounds almost unreal. It’s a bit like those pictures

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Mash-up Utility Cycling

My friend Yves loves to go surfing – just down the road we have one of the best surfing beaches in the UK, Tynemouth Longsands. The thing is, there are only so many hours in the day, and to fit

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Men Make For Thick-Skinned Cyclists

There’s a reason that fewer women than men seem to ride their bikes in the UK. As explained in Beauty & The Bike , it’s the infrastructure – we’re expected to just mix in with the traffic, and it often

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Jumping Red Lights: Safer Than Stopping?

Big ride today – nearly 80 miles playing in the hills of County Durham, getting as far as Wolsingham & then coming home via Durham and the Angel. I had an incident at a set of lights that made me

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Bike To Work Yehuda Moon Style.

Beautiful day . . . but that wind from the North East, over the sea was just freezing. The ride in was pretty tough as a result, and the ride home an absolute blast. Like so much to do with

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