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Are You Segregationist Or Integrationist?

Here are the two sides of the coin on this one: Mixing motorised vehicles and people on bikes makes no sense. The former weighs 20-50 times as much as the latter, and the driver is protected from the consequences of

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Personally I’d Find A Different Route

This video appeared on a few days ago. It shows that you’re far, far "safer" to take the lane on a dual carriageway than to ride along the hard shoulder. In so doing, the overtaking traffic gives you a

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The Anti-Bike Lunatic Fringe …

… of The Netherlands! No, really. Well, sort of – have a look at this video that came via EcoVelo and Amsterdamize : Compare the main interviewee’s attitude to the typical person where you live: "Perhaps you’ll need a cargo

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French For Beginners & Cyclists

No, not the kind of French lesson that’s of questionable use . . . [audio: No, I’m assuming that you’ve got yourself off the quayside and on the ferry to France (or for that matter Quebec) and that you now

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Is It Time To Demand Segregation?

No, I’m not talking about the kind of segregation that creates second-class citizens , and makes people sit at the back of the bus – that’s not a Good Thing at all. No, what I mean is having decent, direct

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Impressions of Amsterdam

This weekend, Robbie and I met up in Amsterdam – we were in town for the marathon on Sunday, and had each flown out on Saturday. It’s been a while (like 17 years) since I was last in Amsterdam, and

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Friday Caption Contest: Guest Photographer – @amsterdamized

This week saw spring doing it’s thing here. By that I mean it was cold, with lots of April showers. Anyway, this photo from Marc over at Amsterdamize seems particularly apt for the sort of weather I wish we were

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